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Despite recent advances in therapeutic options in cancer, many people still suffer from sub-optimal outcomes due to inadequate efficacy and/or tolerability issues.  In order to better meet the needs of patients and their families, new approaches are needed that specifically target abnormal cells and have minimal tolerability concerns.

Sentrimed is committed to the discovery and development of pioneering therapies focused on cell-to-cell communications that target validated drivers of cancer.  Led by a team with extensive oncology expertise including an internationally recognized leader in cellular communications, we are leveraging deep understanding of these process to create a robust pipeline of drug candidates that are designed to offer improved efficacy and tolerability across multiple tumor types and stages in cancer.

Sentrimed is currently developing our lead asset, Maackia Amurensis Seed Lectin or MASL, leveraging our understanding of contact normalization – the ability of non-transformed cells to prevent damage to neighboring cells.  MASL targets podoplanin (PDPN) to alter cancer transformation.  We are currently studying MASL in oral cancer and are planning to expand into other cancers where PDPN is a known driver of growth, motility, metastatic invasion and angiogenesis.

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