MASL Offers a Transformative Approach to Treatment

A patient-centric approach to addressing HNC throughout the patient journey

Unmet Needs in HNC

Poor overall outcomes
  • High metastasis rates
  • High recurrence rates
Limited therapeutic efficacy
  • Few approved options
  • Marginal efficacy demonstrated
  • Benefit limited to a subset of the overall population
High treatment burden
  • IV medications
  • Safety and tolerability concerns
  • Poor risk/benefit ratio for maintenance usage
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Head and Neck Cancer Patients & Their Families Deserve Better Treatment Options and an Improved Quality of Life

Value Proposition for MASL

Immobilizes and destroys tumor cells
  • Impairs migration and metastasis
  • Impacts cell viability
Demonstrated efficacy with novel targeting
  • Biomarker identifiable patients
  • Unique MOA allows for use as monotherapy or in combination
Low burden with favorable safety profile
  • Oral dosing
  • No histological or physiological changes with chronic dosing
  • No significant adverse effects identified
  • Suitable for entire continuum of care